Hannah's Senior Portraits

Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible experience all around at Hannah's senior sessions! Hannah had a double high school senior photo experience. The first session was outdoors at a friend's private quarry and for the second session Hannah got to model in my studio!

There were a couple especially noteworthy things about Hannah's senior portraits– First, she brought along her mom, sister, and boyfriend to her outdoor session. Needless to say, there was A LOT of laughter and I had additional lighting assistants! (They were the best!) Her sister Cassie even got to be my assistant in the studio!

Next, Hannah broke her left hand before the session– ouch! For the outdoor session she took off her 'soft' cast and was very careful, but the same day as her studio session she had to get a hard cast. What a trooper! I was very creative with posing, sets, and style with her studio session to hide her broken arm, but don't worry– we made sure to show off her cast in a "handful"!

You can already tell by these highlighted photos, but Hannah killed it!

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