Welcome to the Studio

If you want to look your best and have artwork you feel incredible about hanging in your home, I'm your girl. I create an experience that is fresh, modern, and relaxed so you feel natural in front of the camera. You will get a mix of portraits to choose from  with both traditional and modern posing. 

In your gallery reveal session, you will be blown away with your photos and by the possibilities of how you can show them off them in a tangible way. 


This isn't your average studio family portrait. 

I work hard to show your true connection with your family through elegant photography. You will be blown away when your artwork comes to life. 

I have three children of my own so I am patient and experienced at creating wonderfully natural expressions. You will get both soft expressions and giggles when you visit me in the studio!

I work with you completely on planning and styling your session, and most of our studio backdrops are custom made by my husband and I, so you're getting something you can't get anywhere else.

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Here at Watt Studios, I create senior photography that will make you feel like you just walked out of a magazine.

You want to stand out in your senior portraits! With modern posing, planning, creativity, and extensive knowledge in studio lighting, I create senior photos that will awe your classmates! 

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Hey models,

Whether you are trying to build your portfolio, grow your fashion blog, or are simply seeking a fun experience, I am able to work with you on your unique vision. It could be a bold creative idea or a fashion inspired photoshoot. Either way, we will have a blast and you will leave feeling gorgeous!

I offer on-site hair and makeup!

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Dance photography that inspires!

Let's capture dance photography that makes everybody you show say, "whoa!" From traditional dance headshots for competition submission to showing off your athleticism and creativity, I will create images that make you shine and feel beautiful.

Fun fact: Twice in the past year, a dancer I've photographed won "most photogenic" at their dance competition. 

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