Meet Heather


Hey, y'all!

(Yes, y'all. I was raised in the midwest.)

I'm that girl behind the lens! I am an award-winning portrait photographer and the VP of Education for the Vermont Professional Photographers Association. I am also a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America.

Get to know me!

Before I start, here are some fun details about myself:

• I see the positive in every situation I'm in and in every person I meet.

• I paint! I use all kinds of mediums, but my favorite is watercolor.

• What am I watching? Downton Abbey... again. (The costumes, though!)

• Favorite cakes in order: vanilla with buttercream, chocolate with more chocolate, NY style cheesecake.

• As a kid, I won several writing contests from poetry to short stories. 

• I have broken six bones. I think it just means I can't be stopped. Positivity, ya'll. 

• I've decorated and piped cakes for parties and showers. Thank you, YouTube.

• Asked a friend one word to describe me, her answer: congenial. 

• Asked my husband one word to describe me, his answer: awesome.

What makes me a pro?

I have always loved photography. I earned my Bachelor's of Journalism, majoring in Advertising where I studied graphic design and photojournalism. In fact, I was the advertising manager for the Daily Nebraskan, UNL's student newspaper. Outside of a large amount of photographic work for and in my University, I began my official photographic journey working for 'Brian Watt Photography' in 2011.  I continued photographing part time outside of my free lance graphic design business all the way until we moved to Vermont in 2018. I always knew my passion was with photography and took the move to Vermont as an opportunity to finally pursue photography full time. I am the owner of Watt Studios, founded in Vermont in 2017 and the VP of Education for the Vermont Professional Photographers association. I am also a mentor, speaker, and educator. My certification and continued education both as student and a teacher, can ensure you will get wonderful photos no matter the setting!


Wait, did you say you worked for Brian Watt Photography?


Yes, I did! Brian, my husband, is an engineer– but he's also a photographer! As a child, Brian began working at his father's successful photography business and fell in love with the art. He joined the Professional Photographers of America when he was only 12 years old. As a young adult, he branched off into his own photography business and earned his Master of Photography.​ He helps Heather tremendously in making Watt Studios a reality, including partnering up with her as a two-photographer team to weddings. 

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Vermont Professional Photographers. 

I love what I do, and I can't wait to capture something incredible for YOU!

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